The Home Insurance that we offer for your home is an HO-5 Policy. This is one of the best policies available to a home owner.

Your home is covered for:

· Fire, Lightning, and Smoke damage

· Wind, Hurricane, and Hail damage

· Explosion

· Aircraft and Vehicle damage

· Vandalism, Riot, and Theft

· Structure Collapse

· Falling tree limbs

· Damage from backup of sewers or drains

· Damage from sudden and accidental leaking of plumbing or A/C

· Damage from seepage of sewer or other water pipes

· Discharge of water within the foundation, and consequential loss to the foundation

· Rain damage through faulty roof, windows, or doors

This is a full “Replacement Policy”on both your personal property and dwelling. That means that should you ever have to make a claim you will be paid full value for new items at current cost, not depreciated values due to age of item or structure, as many policies pay.

This policy is bound by Heimer Insurance Services Inc.

Heimer Insurance Inc.

The HO-5 is what’s referred to as an ISO (Insurance Services Office) form, meaning that from State to State the high quality standard of an HO-5 is guaranteed. Contact us now for more information.

The above description of Home Insurance coverage is based on policies offered for newly built homes less than five years old. This is not intended to disclose all policy provisions or limitations including your specific deductible. You must consult your policy for exact details or contact us now with any question you may have.