You may have heard the term “Bundle and Save” when it comes to your insurance. That means that you’ll receive a discount when you place your home and vehicle Insurance (and even Life Insurance) with the same company, and that is true, but at Heimer Insurance you can receive discounts simply because you are insured with our agency. How is that possible? We have insurance companies who trust us and know that we work hard to help our customers. Because of our great relationship with these nation-wide, premium ranked insurance companies, we get discounted rates that we can pass along to you.

Insurance Discounts From Our Top Ranked Companies

When you call us we go to work for you – We can get you the best rates and the most discounts for you by shopping all of the companies within our network.

Even though the “Bundle & Save” also known as “Multi-policy” discounts are great, every situation is unique and you may be better off with separate companies or with the multi- policy discount. Our team will make sure that we look over all of the discounts available to you to find you the best price to fit your needs and budget.

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